Jumat, 19 Maret 2010


Since when do you come around and the temperature's changed, nothing's the same
Left me in yesterday
You don't see me that way, touch me that way no more When you get so cold I'm not sure just now much longer I can hold
You got me standin' at the bottom of this mountain that we've made
And the ground is shakin' from all of your mistakes
But there's no one but then the ice is in our way. It's a matter of time. We can rewind

If you only knew What my heart must do for you I'm tryna break through Don't you think it's worth the chance? Let's leave the past Is that too much to ask And where we do we stand? Can we pull through this Avalanche?
Avalanche. . .

We see what's up ahead Why do we stay, watching us fadin'
Trapped in by regret There's no way out and there's no way in And it's so cold I'm not sure just how much longer I can hold

The bond is breaking And it's taking over my spirit (quickly quickly) something shifted Have we drifted too far, apart now ?

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